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About Jennifer Hudson:: Jennifer Hudson is a popular american singer known for becoming one of the finalists in 2004 American Idol. She is also an actress and a spokeswomen, born on September 12th 1981 in Chicago, Illinois

She released an album in 2008 selling over 800,000 copies in the USA and, also awared with a grammys award. She released another album in 2011, which reached number 2 on the on the billboard 200 chart and sold 165,000 copies in the first week of release.

Jennifer Hudson starred in the film Dreamgirls, and won academy awards for "Best supporting actress", a NAACP Image award, a BAFTA award, a golden globe award and a screen actors guild award.

In October 2008, Jennifer's brother and mother were found shot dead in their Chicago home and a search party was set out to locate her 7 year old nephew.  A few days later, the body of a boy was found parked on a street which was confirmed to be the body of 7 year old Julian who had been shot multiple times. 27 year old William Balfour was arrested for the murders with the case still on going at present.

   Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson and her amazing weight loss

Jennifer weighed 240 pounds after giving birth to her son in 2009, it was then when she realised that she wanted to lose weight and transform her body. She stated that her biggest motivation for losing weight was her new born baby boy and that she wanted to make her sons life the best quality she could.

On April 1st 2010, Jennifer became the spokeswomen of weight watchers. On February 10th 2011 she stated that she had lost an staggering total of 80 pounds!

Jennifer Hudson was previously known by her fans as the hollywood star who didn't fit the typical hollywood body type. Not surprisingly, this was a hot topic that all of her fans discussed because she was the sort of women who was happy with the way she was. She wasn't any different because of her weight, and she accepted it and even celebrated it. Allthough she was known as a large women, she never let this get her down and she had major self confidence, that a lot of large women like herself lack. She had actually gained so many fans because of this as alot of people praised and appreciated her. It is currently in question if she has actually lost any fans due to losing alot of weight, as many people may not be so keen on her now that she has lost weight, especially her fans that are considered as overweight themselves.

Although Jennifer did not let her weight get her down and she never regretted being overweight, she was actually turned down for movie roles due to her excessive weight. 

Jennifer Hudson before and after weight loss - Left to right

Jennifer has stated that she is completely happy with the way she is as of now and does not plan to lose any more weight.